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0d2Major DNS outage today?
Did anyone else notice the internet go down around 1:04 PM CST today? We went down for about 1 or 2 minutes globally... submitted by /u/tonydick642 [link] [comments]
0d2RNDH loser files second appeal
A big drug company has appealed to ICANN for a second time over a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking ruling against it, claiming ICANN should be responsible for the decisions of the World Intellectual Property Organization....
0d5Can Anyone Explain How DNS Cloak Works ?
submitted by /u/_ThePsychonaut [link] [comments]
0d4Group crowdfunding crypto to apply to ICANN for blockchain..
Do we have our first confirmed blockchain-themed new gTLD application? Looks like it. A group of pseudonymous individuals have announced plans to apply to ICANN for .dao in the next round, and are currently crowdfunding...
0d5Open WiFi runs Cybernanny
A nearby WiFi that I can log into for free unfortunatly runs a cybernanny called SafeDNS . With it all queries towards i.reddit and v.reddit for example are filtered out. Is there a way around it? submitted by...
1d10dns agent vs firewall
I'm looking at new firewalls like fortinet, palo alto, sonicwall, and so on... they all include some form of dns protection in some fashion or another. I'm curious on the difference between a dns protect agent running...
1d7Buyer “phasing out” domain “bought for $2.2 million”
The domain name, which was acquired for a reported $2.2 million over two decades ago, is being phased out by its purchaser. The dot-com-boom-era company, which changed its named from to Quotient...
1d7ShortDot drops premium fees on millions of domains
New gTLD registry ShortDot says it is making 2.4 million premium domains available at its standard registry fee. From September 1, domains across .bond, .cfd, .icu, .cyou and .sbs will no longer have premium renewals....
1d12SSH works with IP but times out with domain using DynDNS
Hello, I am using DynDNS to map a domain ( in this example) to my routers changing IP address ( in this example). The domain correctly points to the routers IP address and is updated correctly...
1d7Tucows’ domains business stagnates again in Q2
Tucows domain name business has experienced its third consecutive quarter of stagnating growth. The company yesterday reported third-quarter total domains revenue of $61 million, compared to $62.3 million a year ago and...
2d12Help - What are the DNS servers for MullVad VPN?
I can’t seem to find it. When I say dns servers, I mean the numbers you enter. For example, Google dns is, submitted by /u/Electronic-Rain852 [link] [comments]
2d7RFC 9285: The Base45 Data Encoding
Ce RFC décrit un encodage en texte de données binaires, l'encodage Base45. Proche conceptuellement d'encodages comme Base64, il est, par exemple, beaucoup utilisé pour le code QR.
2d13Looking for in-depth online resources/tutorials
Hi all, I've been trying to find online resources/tutorials regarding DNS and have been having a rough time with it. I'm primarily looking into setting up SPF chaining, whitelabeling, sending on behalf of other domains,...
2d12Setting up Dynamic DNS on Fios G3100 Router
Hello, I'm trying to use to host two dynamic dns addresses. My end goal is to reach two devices on my home network from anywhere outside the home network. In a nutshell, I have two reptile thermostats...
2d8Malaysia relaxes travel restrictions ahead of ICANN 75
Malaysia has made it easier for foreign travelers to enter the country, which should take some of the headaches out of going to ICANN 75 next month. According to local reports, the Malaysian government web site, and...
2d13Having two DNS on modem and mobile
This is a noob question. I have changed DNS on my modem say to Cloudflare and on my mobile say to Quid9 Now, will it affect my surfing experiences in a negative way? Thanks. submitted by /u/SimpleEngineering733...
3d14Cloud DNS Security - Understanding Cloud DNS security...
submitted by /u/MiguelHzBz [link] [comments]
3d8GMO to sell Unstoppable’s crypto domains
Japan s largest domain seller, GMO, is to sell Unstoppable Domains s blockchain-based addresses under a new brand. The company, which owns the registrar Onamae, is launching a site called CryptoName by GMO at...
3d8More rules, but cozier ICANN 75 expected
There will be more rules to follow at ICANN 75 next month, but attendees might be able to expect a more intimate event, with less stringent seating restrictions. The gathering, ICANN s 2022 Annual General Meeting, will...
3d8India offers dollar regs to celebrate independence
Indian ccTLD registry NIXI has announced a limited-time sub-$1 promo on new .in registrations INR 75 in local currency to celebrate the country s imminent 75th anniversary of independence. The organization says it has...


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