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1d5Quad9 vs CloudFlare ( Best for Uptime? (and other..
Hi, i decided to stop the use of Google DNS for privacy concerns and switch to a more reliable and better respectfull privacy DNS system. If i understand the best solution for privacy is Quad9, followed by...
Good day what dns do u guys use for your ms server thanks in advance and why submitted by /u/admin_root007 [link] [comments]
2d3Second alpha release of dnsdist 1.7.0
Hello! We are happy to announce the second alpha release of dnsdist 1.7.0! We spent quite some time since alpha1 reproducing an issue reported by Stéphane Bortzmeyer in our new outgoing DNS over TLS feature. The issue...
3d7Cloudflare DNS very slow in my area...Any fix?
About a week ago, I noticed a slowdown on one of my favourite websites. My first thought is to change the DNS, so I switch to Google DNS for the duration of the session, and the site loads almost instantly. I recently...
4d8L'informatique doit-elle être rangée dans les sciences...
L'informatique est en fait une SHS et devrait être rangée ainsi dans les universités. C'est par cette idée provocante (mais, je vous rassure tout de suite, que l'auteur estime irréaliste) que commence l'article de Randy...
5d15How DNS Works (meme)
submitted by /u/JayWuzer [link] [comments]
5d14Viewing each step of a DNS lookup
Not sure of all the correct terminology, so apologies if I get terms wrong. Say I want to resolve using a cloudflare dns server ( but via the hostname (, I could use a command like...
6d8Tempête solaire sur l'Internet ?
L'Internet est vulnérable aux attaques, aux pannes du matériel, aux bogues des logiciels. Mais il peut aussi être vulnérable aux actions du Soleil, comme le montre l'étude « Solar superstorm: planning for an Internet...
6d12OpenDNS: DNS over TLS is not supported?
Hi, i don't find if OpenDNS support or no the DNS over TLS... you have some info? submitted by /u/ProgettoPrisma [link] [comments]
6d12How To Add Two IP Addresses To An SPF Record?
submitted by /u/OmegaNutella [link] [comments]
6d17NSD is nice, but dosen't have a JSON API, so I created my... I use it primary for ACME and LE, but works for other stuff too. Maybe this is useful to someone, its small, no dependencies, 91 lines of code. submitted by /u/Ne00n [link]...
7d15Root KSK Ceremony 43 (Today at 17:00 UTC)
submitted by /u/7yearlurkernowposter [link] [comments]
7d18TEst DNS over TLS?
Do you know if there is some toolkit or online test to verify that i have configured right the DNS over TLS of my DNS provider? Thanks submitted by /u/ProgettoPrisma [link] [comments]
7d17BIND9 does work but also doesnt?
My BIND9-DNS Server is able to resolve the zone for our domain totally fine. As soon as i try to resolve e.g. , or any domain that is not handled by the DNS it returns status: REFUSED when using...
8d12Panne de routage OVH d'octobre 2021
Aujourd'hui le routage IPv4 chez OVH a été en panne pendant environ une heure. J'indique ici quelques observations effectuées puis j'en profite pour donner un avis sur la fiabilité de l'Internet, sur OVH et sur les...
8d19Best DNS for my router?
Hi, what DNS do you suggest to use for a new modem router? A lot suggest me Google DNS, OpenDNS and Cloud Fare DNS. Technically what is best service? I read that cloudfare DNS don't support ECS that can help some...
8d18Cannot find where my DNS is recorded
I need to enable DMARC on our emails. We have bought our domain from . However, the Tucows webpage - - says this is Google: The provider...
9d20DNS Stress Test Tool
Hi, I am looking for a tool to conduct a stress test on my DNS server. Preferably, those who can multi-thread. I have tried queryperf (only supports single thread) and querperfpp (which I cannot run on my setup)...
9d20Transfering Domain and all hosting details from Wix..
submitted by /u/JameswDemps [link] [comments]
9d14How to auto-reject updates from a different CA than the...
The fundamental security vulnerabilities of certificate authorities -- exploited by Flame (Windows) and the notorious iPhone hack -- have all been solved decades ago (eg web of trust, among countless other solutions.)...


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