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0d0A new encrypted DNS server proxy in Rust: DNSCrypt,...
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0d3Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into DoH | DNS over HTTPS Privacy
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0d3THE DNS TALES Explaining the DNS as a story with security...
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0d4How do I change tld for certain IP?
I have problem that I want change tld what shows when do nslookup for certain ip. How is this done? I have few tld registered a.x b.x c.x d.x now nslookup points to a.x but I want it change to d.x I use... domains could cost a grand each
Newish registry ShortDot has announced the release details for its recently acquired .bond gTLD, and they ain t gonna be cheap. The TLD is set to go to sunrise in a little under a month, October 17, for 33 days. General...
1d5PIR’s “new” .org domain is just temporary. Help it pick...
Public Interest Registry unveiled a fancy new set of logos and a swanky new web site yesterday, but CEO Jon Nevett tells us that its new domain name is temporary. The new site and logos are undeniably superior to those...
1d7Application Traffic Routing with DNS GSLB | EfficientIP
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1d5Lego Track Ballasting
Many posts have been written on ballasting LEGO tracks. They all mention added ballast is piece intensive , and the examples I found online use a lot of LEGO pieces. I still went ahead and I think I ve found a variant...
1d6MMX switches porn TLDs from Afilias to Uniregistry
Minds + Machines is moving its four porn-themed gTLDs to a new back-end provider. MMX CEO Toby Hall confirmed to DI today that the company is ditching Afilias, which had been providing registry services for .xxx since...
1d6Argentina will use a lottery to decide 2LD landrush
Argentina has become the latest country to allow its ccTLD registrants to register domains at the second level. NIC Argentina announced last week that in addition to third-level domains such as and...
2d6Sixty gTLD registries not monitoring security threats
Roughly 5% of gTLD registry operators have been doing no abuse monitoring, despite contractual requirements to do so, a recent ICANN audit has found. ICANN checked with 1,207 registries basically all gTLDs between...
2d6Wildcard for subdomain
Hi guys, so i have a domain on namecheap and i want to forward all subdomains (including www) to my server ip. I figured if i make a Type A Record with Host * and my Server-Ip as Value it would work. = it doesnt. Im...
Hello all Just been sent a link from a friend - Woah! Such a great tool. I wonder how they know these things? submitted by /u/davchx [link] [comments]
2d7Decentralizing DNS to Improve the Security of the Internet
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3d8Forward domain subfolder to another directory - GoDaddy?
hello, We have a domain setup on GoDaddy, this domain points to another server (through A record/CNAME DNS entries). We want to point a subfolder of the domain URL to another server's subfolder, is this possible? If...
3d6Using the CowBoy HTTP server from an Elixir program
Among the people who use the CowBoy ( HTTP server, some do it from an Erlang programme, and some from an Elixir program. The official documentation (
3d10ICANN must do more to fight internet security threats...
ICANN and its contracted parties need to do more to tackle security threats, write Dave Piscitello and Lyman Chapin of Interisle Consulting. The ICANN Registry and Registrar constituencies insist that ICANN’s role with...
4d9IPv6 sur un VPS Arch Linux chez OVH
L'hébergeur OVH a une offre nommée « VPS » (pour Virtual Private Server ») qui permet de disposer d'une machine virtuelle connectée à l'Internet, par exemple pour y héberger ses serveurs. Par défaut, on n'a que de l'IPv4...
6d17DoH : vos données de navigation chez les GAFAM
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6d11To meet up or not to meetup
I’m an old fart but relatively new to so-called “meetups” – organized meetings for people with a common interest. I think it was Ton who first dragged me to one, and I seem to recall going mainly because it was to be...


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