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104d49SPF_HELO_NONE SPF: HELO does not publish an SPF Record...
Hello folks, I have a question. In my email deliverability analysis, I get the following notification: -0.001 SPF_HELO_NONE SPF: HELO does not publish an SPF Record. Do you know how I can fix this? I already have...
104d35Verisign looking at ChatGPT-like name-spinner
Verisign is looking closely at overnight AI chatbot sensation ChatGPT to see if its technology can be incorporated into its name-spinner tool, NameStudio. CEO Jim Bidzos told analysts last week: ChatGPT and NameStudio... shrinks again, but prices to go up again
Verisign plans to increase .com prices again this year, as its latest quarterly results show its top line and margins swelling despite renewals and overall domains under management shrinking. The company ended 2022 with...
105d43Meaning of error messages from Bind
I am using bind v9.16.23-RH (Extended Support Version) id: fde3b1f . My (excerpted) messages file (Rocky Linux) shows the following from bind: --------------------- Feb 13 00:59:54 server2 named[317006]:...
105d48Learning DNS, specifically DNS records for email (DKIM,...
I’m trying to find a source or a way to learn DNS more in depth so I have a complete understanding however, everything I find is either out of date or missing a lot of information. If you had any resources you could...
105d39The Drink DNS server at FOSDEM
The great technical conference FOSDEM resumed physical activity after two years of purely online events. I had the pleasure to make a small talk at the DNS devroom ( about the...
106d46How do I fix this? I'm using Google sites.
submitted by /u/samyehia27 [link] [comments]
107d55Best Route53 resources?
submitted by /u/kentucky_slim [link] [comments]
108d50Unbound keeps freezing up - ideas? [Unbound 1.17.1@FreeBSD..
Hi! I have been running Unbound as cache resolver for my home network with no issues for about a year. A few days ago, Unbound started freezing up, and a just waiting for 5-7 minutes or issuing a reload of the daemon...
109d50Problem creating custom (child) nameservers in Turbify and..
It's been very frustrating dealing with the clowns over at Turbify. I'm wondering if anyone else is in my situation and I'm also looking for some technical advice. I have a website for my small business hosted by them...
109d45Did I add Google's DNS properly to my MacBook?
submitted by /u/DAV_N23 [link] [comments]
109d37One in six .au domains is a 2LD
The .au ccTLD had over 700,000 direct second-level registrations at the end of 2022, according to registry auDA. In its annual report (pdf) published this week, auDA said it had over 716,000 2LD regs. The second level...
109d36How ICANN could help out after Türkiye earthquake
A new ICANN program could see funds directed to Türkiye and Syria after Monday s devastating earthquakes. Interim CEO Sally Costerton last month said that the Org has created an Emergency Assistance Program, which...
110d42Cloud Flare
How do you use cloud flare... I purchased a domain and I need help figuring out how to use it.... :-/ submitted by /u/MinkMultiMedia [link] [comments]
110d47Comparing DNS filtering services for Home users
Not taking Quad9 into consideration, which DNS filtering service is best at blocking malicious domains? submitted by /u/sohan_ray [link] [comments]
111d52CloudFlare vs DNS Made Easy for Enterprise DNS
submitted by /u/BoomSchtik [link] [comments]
111d33GoDaddy could lose out as NIXI brings .in in-house
Indian ccTLD registry NIXI wants to become a back-end registry services provider for its own .in and other TLDs, and seems set to push GoDaddy out of its current role as it looks for a company to build its new...
111d50How can I determine which DNS server is faster?
My ISP DNS looks like it's not the best one and I'm currently using as my primary and my ISPs as secondary but I would like to know if there is a tool or a web page to compare DNS servers. Thanks in advance!...
113d59hope im doing this right i need advice
submitted by /u/lilwaynefan41 [link] [comments]
114d63what are the main challenges DNS providers have with IPv6?
Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great! I just want to understand what are the main challenges DNS providers have with IPv6. I mean, is the implementation/adoption of IPv6 really a drawback for Managed DNS providers...


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