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5d17How to Setup Duck DNS with Raspberry Pi (EASY)
submitted by /u/Tevatronic [link] [comments]
6d25Any good free dns server except adguard for blocking ads?
I was using dns since year for adblock but it is making net very slow from last few days .. in speed test , speed is showing around 50mbps but in reddit , and other apps , even images couldn't load . When checked without...
6d22Porkbun name servers down?
Does anybody experience problems with domain names registered with porkbun? Each of mine are down for 2 hours now. submitted by /u/fedorbass [link] [comments]
6d21How to know the dns resolver I am using
Hi, I am using a local ISP for Internet. I was not able to access internet in my machine running pop os(llinux variant). I checked resolv.conf file, in that nameserver is given to When I changed that to...
6d24Creating a User in Linux Without adduser or useradd...
submitted by /u/the_skill_Pedia [link] [comments]
6d19DNS Server Automation Script Script to Create Zone Files
submitted by /u/the_skill_Pedia [link] [comments]
6d20dns server or named server configuration on rhel 7
submitted by /u/the_skill_Pedia [link] [comments]
6d17Does changing ur DNS affect your other devices?
I've been trying to do something but this question is really bothering me, Im scared that I might screw something up, please help me (Sorry I'm new to this) submitted by /u/Ancient-Bowler-8138 [link] [comments]
6d20Do you really have to use a different server for unbound...
I set up unbound and it worked. I added NSD, but they both use port 53 so they clash. I could use a different port butt that isn't a great idea.. So do I really just have to spin up 4 dns servers rather than two?...
7d11Over 6,000 Brexit domains snapped up after mass delete
EURid saw about 6,000 .eu domain names that formerly belonged to Brits re-registered in the first day after a mass delete at the start of the month. Around 6000 Brexit-related domain names were re-registered during the...
7d11PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.5.3
Hello! Today we published release 4.5.3 of the Authoritative Server. It contains several robustness fixes for the LMDB backend, and for the zone cache. Please find a full list in the changelog. Please make sure to read...
7d13Verisign saw MASSIVE query spike during Facebook outage
Verisign s .com and .net name servers saw a huge spike in queries when Facebook went offline for hours last October, Verisign said this week. Queries for,, and peaked at over... shows up in botnet top-five TLDs for the first time
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the cheaper a TLD, the more likely it is to be abused by bad actors, and that may be what happened to .xxx in the fourth quarter. SpamHaus listed .xxx as its fourth most-abused...
7d11RFC 9184: BGP Extended Community Registries Update
Les « communautés étendues » de BGP, des attributs d'une annonce de route avec BGP, sont enregistrées dans des registres IANA, décrits par le RFC 7153. Notre nouveau RFC 9184 met légèrement à jour les procédures...
8d16bind9 - no ADDITIONAL or AUTHORITY section given
I have a newly installed and configured bind9 (v9.16.22 @ debian11). I am moving away from an old server (bind 9.9.5 @ ubuntu 14.04). Both the old (a master for a public zone, and a private zone too) and the new...
8d16bind9 - connection refused resolving './NS/IN':...
I have a newly installed and configured bind9 (v9.16.22 @ debian11). It seems to be mostly working now, but i see these lines in syslog when i start it. Seems to be a bunch of root-servers. What does this mean? Jan...
8d21what do you guys think of dnslock? it's a service that can..
submitted by /u/stonecats [link] [comments]
8d12SSL certs for private DNS zone in GCP
We have created a private DNS zone in GCP and using to map hostname to IP, for internal applications which is an insecure connection, now there is a need to use https to integrate it with MS teams. How can i create cert...
8d14Need help connecting with...
submitted by /u/DarthWall011 [link] [comments]
8d10ICANN splits $9 million new gTLD ODP into nine tracks
ICANN has added a little more detail to its plans for the Operational Design Phase for the next round of the new gTLD program. VP and ODP manager Karen Lentz last night blogged that the project is being split into nine...


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